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2008 Course

Student feedback from the 2008 touch typing course

From the boys:

"I liked it and could type all day."

"I liked making friends."

"The course made me speed up and I liked the games."

"I liked everything about the course. It was amazing. I loved the software which was cool. The activities were really fun and the teacher wicked."

"I liked the different programs."

"Brilliant all round."

"I liked the regular activity breaks and found the typing programs fun and very good."

"I like the fact that I will be able to touch type."

"It has taught me to touch type, the software was brilliant and amazing, the teacher was friendly and fun and thank you it has helped me a lot."

"I will use what I have learned all my life. It was fun, I liked the computers and the competitions were fun."

"I have become quick at typing."

"It has taught me to type quickly and easily and also has been enjoyable with a good balance between work and play."

"I liked the simplicity of the course. It was a very enjoyable four days."

"I liked getting the ticks and the ‘A’s, ‘B’s and ‘C’s when I did well."

From the girls:

"The activities in the breaks were great fun."

"The teacher was nice and helpful."

"The teacher was very very nice."

"I loved the software and it helped me to type."

"It was really good."

"I liked it because there were lots of programs."

"I had started not knowing anything but I do know something now. The programs were enjoyable and I learned a lot in the breaks which were great fun. The teacher was helpful and fun."

"It has helped me improve my speed and accuracy and I liked the competitions in the breaks. It was fun and now I know how to touch type."

"I like being able to type with two hands and without looking and I liked having the box over my hands."

"I loved the course and my parents are very jealous that I am now better at typing than they are!"

"Now I can type a lot faster and I don’t get headaches from looking up and down from the screen."

"I am going to a new school and now I will know something and it was fun."

From the adults:

"The teacher was knowledgeable and patient and very encouraging."

"The teacher gave clear precise instructions and was helpful."

"It taught me to correctly position my hands on the keyboard and type without looking. I would love another 2-3 mornings to master better accuracy. The activities in the breaks were informative and fun, the teacher helpful and nice and the course was well organised with the venue being suitable and pleasant."

"The course has taught me correct fingering and given me confidence – although I need lots more practice! The three programs provided welcome variety and a chance to choose what suits individuals. Regular breaks again with useful tips and reinforcement activities were excellent and the way you involved all the ages was superb. The teacher was great."

"I thought it worked very well having the combined course for adults and children."

"Professional teaching, monitoring. Good for all ages. The teacher was very friendly, gave good constructive criticism and praise when needed."

"I’ve been surprised how fast I’ve (nearly) learned to find the keys. I liked the different software and exercise tips."

"I liked the choice of programs, friendly supportive help and good balanced activities."

"There was great integration between adults and children."

"Programmes are enjoyable and there were excellent tasks in the activity breaks.
It was well structured and everyone could work at their own pace and the activities were very creative and fun."

"I liked the teachers who were friendly and calm and I feel proud of what I can do now. Money and time was well spent."

"It was very enjoyable and informative but I could have done with longer on the course to practise the number keys more."

"A very varied, multi sensory way, ideal for different types of learners especially dyslexics."

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