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2009 Course

Student feedback from the 2009 touch typing course


The course changed the way I look at typing completely. I liked the structure of sessions – concentration can wane and breaks for activities were brilliant. The teachers were excellent, very welcoming and efficient and I was impressed with the venue which was not cramped or stuffy.
Father/Student/40 something doctor.

The course got rid of my bad habits and now I have good ones! It was friendly and focused but needed to go on longer! The activities in the breaks were fun and good to avoid overwork and both teachers were excellent.
Another father/ Student/ 40 something marketing consultant.

I am now on my way to touch typing. I liked going at my own speed. The activities were a good diversion, both the teachers were lovely, the organisation was very good as was the venue and directions.

The course highlighted what I need to do – got me started! I liked that we could go at our own pace. The activities were fun, even for us oldies! The teachers and organisation were excellent and the venue easy to find with lots of parking and airy, spacey rooms.

I liked learning the correct hand and finger position and the course was very good.

I liked the fast progress and that it was interesting. Mother/student

As by far the oldest I enjoyed it and it helped me move towards 21 Century. Grandfather/student (aged 78)

I liked the way the course was suitable for the whole family with a range of different learning styles SENCo/Student

I am 43 years old and I have finally learned to touch type! The course was extremely well run and the teacher very, very good. Mother/student.

Reinforced current motivation and helped kick start action! The course was excellent and teacher clear and attentive. Barrister/student


It has helped me to improve my accuracy and speed. The course was fun and the software, teachers, activities and organisation really good.
A 13 year old boy who reached 56 words per minute at 100% accuracy. (This was his second course.)

The course has allowed me to learn where the keys are and to type more quickly. The games were good and the activities made sure you knew how to look after yourself and the teachers make sure you knew everything before moving on. The organisation was very nicely done.
13 year old boy.

I liked how it was fun as well as educational and it has made me more confident at touch typing. The activities were really fun, the teachers understanding and the software was really fun and helpful.
13 year old girl.

The course has helped me to type without looking at the keyboard. The software was fantastic, the teachers kind and not strict and the organisation brilliant.
14 year old girl.

The teacher was very good and gets everyone involved and was very organised.
Boy aged 13

Not Teenagers Yet:

This course has very effectively taught me touch typing. I liked the good programs and games in between. It was a good, friendly and helpful environment.
12 year old boy.

It has helped me immensely to learn how to touch typing.
12 year old boy.

The course could be improved by there being more time because it was so much fun. It has helped a lot because before I only typed with four fingers. The software was fun and everyone was really nice. The activities were REALLY fun and the teachers nice and encouraging which helps a lot.
11 year old girl.

It has helped me learn the keyboard and type three times faster. I liked getting challenged straight away but having a choice of programmes.
11 year old girl

It helped me to feel my way around the keyboard. It was fun and you learned a lot. I enjoyed meeting the other people.
11 year old girl

I have learnt to touch type fast enough to be able to type my school work. I liked the programs we used and the exercises. I enjoyed the activities during the breaks and found the teachers helpful and friendly.
11 year old boy.

It helped me a lot.
11 year old girl

I liked it that there was a lot of choice. It was very fun and very good.
11 year old

The course has helped me to learn touch typing in a fun way and I liked the kindness of the people and the fun we had. I can’t see anything that needs improving. It’s perfect as it is.
11 year old boy

I have learned which keys own each finger and I have become a lot more accurate and speedy with my typing. I liked the course because it makes typing fun to learn.
Girl aged 11.

First Decade:

The activities were helpful to get you moving. It has helped me a lot and I have learned a lot of things. It was very good.
10 year old girl.

I have got the hang of it and it feels really good when I accomplish something.
10 year old girl.

It has been a really fun way of learning and has improved my touch typing.
10 year old boy.

What I liked about the course was that there were loads of different programmes you could go on. The activities were fantastic and teachers nice.
10 year old girl.

It has helped me to type faster and better and was great fun.
9 year old girl.

It was great.
9 year old boy.

There were lots of fun things to do. It helped my touch typing a lot and the teachers and the place were very nice.
9 year old boy.

I liked everything about the course.
8 year old boy.

I don’t know what could be improved about the course because I have learned so much.
8 year old boy

It was good and happy.
8 year old boy.

I loved the software and the activities. Teacher and place were all great!
8 year old boy.

It has helped me find all the keys and the games were fun.
7 year old girl.

It has helped me to read and spell and it was really fun and interesting.
7 year old girl.

Now that I know how to type I will be able to do my school work on a computer. The teachers are very kind and supportive and I learnt how to type in only four days!
Girl aged10

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