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2010 Course

Student feedback from the Summer and Easter 2010 touch typing courses


It has made me realise that it is accuracy I need. (boy 15)

It was easy to pick up and learn and I learned to type. The course was very good. (boy 15)

The programmes were very good and the adults helpful and kind (boy 13)

The venue is very very very very good (boy 13)

The venue is good, everything is easily accessible and signposted. (girl 13)

I can now type at school (boy 13)

Nothing could be improved about the course – it is perfect. I got my accuracy up and my speed. (girl 13).

This course has helped me in that it has taught me the basics of touch typing which I can now develop to improve my accuracy and speed. (boy 13)

Not Teenagers Yet:

The teacher was nice and not too strict.
(girl aged 12)

It helped me know where all the keys are and to type faster. The teacher was always in a good mood and ready to help. The organisation was fantastic and the venue superb.
(boy 12)

It’s the funnest course ever. The course has learned me a lot and I loved it. The activities are great and the teachers kind and brilliant at teaching.
(girl 11)

I can type fast now and the course was very good altogether
(boy 11)

It has taught me how to touch type and improve my speed and accuracy. I liked the programmes and the teachers were really encouraging
(girl 11)

It is a lot of fun compared to other courses.
(boy 11)


I liked everything about the course: Meeting new people and being able to learn at your own pace in a relaxed atmosphere. (mother/student)

This course has given me confidence and the foundation skills to carry on learning by myself at home. The activities were an excellent way to meet others and the teacher had an excellent manner with the children. The venue was clean, bright and airy. (mother/student)

Supplied the basics so that I can hopefully pick up speed by practising. The exercises were very necessary. (father/student)

I begin to think I may be able to touch type if I practise. It has got me started. I liked the packages, activities, pace, independent learning, mixed ages, selection of groups, attention to detail regarding course structure. I was impressed by the organisation, administration, excellent signs, help and directions. (mother/student)

First Decade:

It has helped me type without looking, accurately and quite quickly, and I liked the fun involved in learning to type.
(boy 10)

I liked the course because there were a lot of things to do.
(girl 9)

Nothing could be improved about the course because it is already brilliant.
(girl 9)

It’s helped me to use all my fingers without looking.
(boy 9)

This course has helped me a lot. I would love to do it again.
(girl 8)

I liked having fun and learning. I really liked it. The activities were really fun and teachers helpful and nice. I would recommend it.
(boy 8)

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