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Touch Typing Courses and Tuition for all the Family
in the Easter and Summer Holidays

The background to the courses

Following the success of the holiday courses in the past twelve years which were open to the whole family we plan to continue to offer courses that can be attended by anyone over the age of seven. Those with touch typing experience who wish to improve, beginners, those with or without learning difficulties - all are welcome.

Because of the choice of software there is something for everyone. Anyone with previous touch typing experience will start at their own level.

This course is recommended by the Richmond Dyslexia Association and all teachers have been CRB checked. If your child is below the age of seven or has considerable learning difficulties please consult the course leader before booking them on a course.

The course Leader

The course leader is both a qualified teacher of those with learning difficulties and an experienced typing instructor who has taught in secretarial colleges.

The Course

The course is taken over four mornings. Computer work is done in half hour segments interspersed with other activities, all designed to reinforce the learning of touch typing. Students should bring their own refreshments (non sticky and no nuts please) for the mid-morning refreshment break.

The course will usually take place between Tuesdays and Fridays but occasionally at Easter one of the weeks may be from Monday to Thursday.  Exact dates and times are on the last page of the application form.

2017and 2018 courses will be held at Sunbury Manor School, Nursery Road, Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 6LF

The Cost

A discount of £15 per student will be offered to anyone with two or more members of their family taking part and also £5 early booking fee per student for bookings received by February 4th 2018 for the Easter course or the June 20th 2018 the summer course.  The cost for the course will be £250 unless the discounts apply.  This is payable in advance.  Spaces for the course will be allocated on a first come - first served, basis, secured on payment of the fees.  Please book early to ensure your place.  Bookings are confirmed on the receipt of the completed application form and payment.  Please see the second page of the application form for exact dates and times but they will be for two weeks in the Easter holidays, four weeks in the summer holidays.

Why touch type?

Touch typing is invaluable to everyone because of the universal use of computers in schools, colleges and at work, but even more so for anyone with learning difficulties. For them it can be a breakthrough – giving them a tool to communicate and express their thoughts freely.
Touch typing means typing without looking at the keys and can be extremely fast and accurate. It need not take a long time to become proficient. Touch typing frees up sections of the brain to think - and once mastered, is easy and faster than handwriting. It also helps with spelling, as words are learned as finger patterns. Sequencing of the letters in a word is easier and of course there is no problem with the orientation of the letters.
You can save over 700 hours a year (about one full month day and night) if you touch type as opposed to using two fingers. With two fingers most people cannot exceed 26 words per minute. With touch typing 65 to 100 words per minute is not uncommon.

Every business should get their employees to learn to touch type and save the company time and therefore money.

Cancellation Policy

Fees are non-refundable on cancellation of the booking by the student but we will try to offer you a place in another course with an additional £5 administration charge providing we have room. Should we, for some unforeseeable reason, need to cancel the whole course we will re-fund all monies paid but accept no further liabilities. If we have to cancel part of the course, refunds will be pro rata.

The dates

Courses run from Tuesdays to Fridays in the mornings

Please look at the application form for exact times.

Download the application form

Easter Course 2018
Tues - Fri
April 3rd - 6th
April 10th - 13th

Summer Course 2018
Tues - Fri
July 24th - 27th
July 31st - 3rd August
August 21st - 24th
August 28th - 31st  

Easter 2019
To be announced

Summer 2019
To be announced

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