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Easter 2011

Student feedback from the Easter 2011 touch typing course

First Decade:

I think the course is perfect already and it is fun.
Girl 7

I can now touch type.
Girl 7

It helped me because now I can type quicker.
Boy 7

It helps a lot to touch type. You can learn the whole alphabet too.
Boy 8

The course helped me because I could type the middle row but now I can do the top row and bottom row.
Boy 8

Before I did the course I couldn’t touch type for toffee – but now I can!
Girl 9

I liked making new friends. The teachers were encouraging and helpful.
Girl 9

The activities were fun and you got to know other children.
Girl 9

I liked everything about the course.
Boy 10

The course helped me touch type a lot better and I liked the different software. The activities were brilliant and nothing could be improved.
Boy 10

I liked everything about the course, the programmes were outstanding and the teachers really nice.
Boy 10

Cool. Boy 10


I have now learned all the keys and which fingers go where. If you got stuck, you could always ask for help. The teachers were kind and considerate and made sure you were O.K. at all times. Girl 13

I liked the software and variety of it. The course had a good structure and I liked the computer suite and library area. Girl 14

Helped improve my typing speed and I liked the variety of software which was all good. The course was well organised with good communication/instructions. Boy 14

The course has helped me, I liked the variety and the teachers were brilliant. Boy 14

The course has helped me to be able to touch type better and more accurately. It made me work hard but was also fun. The activities were fun and useful and the teachers really helpful. Girl 13

I liked the wide range of touch typing programmes. Boy 13

From the parents:

Excellent software, teachers and venue, excellent. Great feedback from my seven year old son. Good value for money. Parent

I’m hopeful that I will now persevere and not regress to looking at the keyboard. The pace is steady and the variety of software is very helpful. I can’t think of anything that could be improved about the course and the teachers, organisation and venue were very good. Father and Student

This course has helped my children both with typing and confidence about trying a new activity. I liked the programmes which were geared towards the right age group. Can’t wait to do it again! My children liked the activities a lot and thought the teachers were fabulous – mentioned their kindness. I thought the cost was very fair. Parent

I liked the duration of the course. My children are now able to type using home keys and not looking. It was disciplined, fun and results producing. Good value for the results. Parent

I will recommend this course it is short and efficient. Parent

Soon to be Teenagers:

I liked being able to have fun while learning a very useful skill. The teachers were great and taught us in a fun way. An extra day would have been good though.
Girl 11.

I am much faster and more accurate. The teachers are very experienced.
Girl 11.

So now I can do my homework faster. It had games and I learned a lot.
Girl 11.

I am nearly at secondary school and there will be a lot of work on the computer. If I can touch type – I will be fast. All the games were not boring, they were fun, so you really engaged and learned a lot. The software was good and teaches you a lot and made you want to keep going. The teachers were really nice and encouraging, they made a big effect on learning touch typing.
Boy 11

It helped me type quicker and I liked the games, really enjoyed the software and the activities were fun. The teachers were very kind and the venue nice.
Boy 11

I have learned all the rows and punctuation marks off by heart.
Boy 11

It has helped me improve my typing speed and accuracy. It is friendly, fun and enjoyable. The teachers are very nice and helpful and the course is efficient and organised. The venue is clean and comfortable.
Boy 12

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