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Easter 2012

Student feedback from the Easter 2012 touch typing course


It was fun and taught me to type. I liked the programmes, teaching and well furnished toilets. (Boy 13)

It was fun and you learn things. I can type with more accuracy and speed and I liked all the programmes. (girl 13).

The course has helped me to learn to touch type and I enjoyed meeting new people (girl 13)

I think it is organised really well and it’s a nice place. (boy 13)

I liked it that I learned to touch type and made a friend. I also liked the drawing games.(girl 13)

The course has helped me not only with typing but in teamwork and self esteem. I liked the friendliness of the staff and variety of the computer programmes. Also the three much needed breaks. I liked the posture video and story writing. (girl 13)

I can type faster and don’t have to look. I liked the tic tac toe, hangman and story thing. (boy 13)

I liked working as a group (girl 14)

The course has helped me get my speed faster and become stronger with certain letters. I liked the goals that the programmes provided. I liked the smart board activities and the teachers were friendly and helpful and the organisation was done very well. (boy 15)

I have learned enough touch typing so that I can continue to improve after the course. The programmes are very helpful and build up your knowledge well, as does the switching between them. The teachers are helpful and knowledgeable and the course organised and structured. (boy 16)

Soon to be Teenagers:

I can now touch type but I couldn’t before I came to this course. I liked the tea and the programme and all the activities. (girl 11)

It has helped me to read and to type and I liked the library, pen, velcro, software and teachers – everything. The teachers are cool – just keep being the nice, kind, helpful people you are. Thank you. What could be improved? You could brew the tea stronger. (Boy 12)

The course has made me quicker, better and more confident at touch typing. The teachers were very nice and encouraging but I would have preferred it if the breaks were a bit shorter. (girl 12)

Before the course I never went on the home keys and used the wrong fingers but at this course I am using them right and having better accuracy. The teachers gave me loads of advice and they couldn’t have done any better. (boy 12)

Well I have gone from not even knowing what touch typing was to being able to do so. I liked the way the course was run in a fun way. (girl 12)

The course has definitely helped me and I liked the software. (boy 12)

It has helped me to not look at my fingers. (boy 12)

From the parents:

The course has improved my son’s confidence, speed and accuracy. It has taught my teenage daughter (13), who was a reluctant participant initially, how to touch type. She is a convert! She was extremely reluctant to get involved at first but now she would recommend it to others. They made new friends and found the structure, with plenty of breaks, very good. The teachers were very professional, helpful and approachable. The cost is good value and venue excellent.

The software, activities, organisation were very good and teachers excellent. I initially thought it was expensive but in retrospect think it is very good value for money. My son was very enthusiastic and we will be coming again!

I liked the good, practical help given and the teachers were excellent. The cost is fine.

I liked the way the course is structured and my children were very enthusiastic.

My son’s ability to express himself was greatly improved. It was fun learning for the children and a very useful, practical course.

The children enjoy coming so it’s making the learning fun. The software, activities, teachers, organisation and venue are great and it is good value for money.

It has given my son more confidence and has improved his skills. The course gets results. It is good to have different programs for different levels and the activities mix the students up in a good way. The teachers are patient and understanding and the organisation is with clear information and instruction. I think the cost is pretty reasonable.+

First Decade:

I learned to type quickly and I liked that I had fun. The activities were awesome! (boy 6)

The course helped a lot and I liked the fun. (girl 6 ½ )

I liked how you could go at your own pace (girl 7)

I liked the games (girl 9)

The course made me type quicker and remember where the letters are. I liked the story writing and the drawing. (girl 9)

I learned how to touch type without looking at the keyboard and I liked it that we played games. (girl 9)

I liked the help I got and it has got my accuracy up (boy 9)

I am ten times better at touch typing. I can do 26 w.p.m. and 100% accuracy. I liked that there were lots of fun games. The teachers were kind and motivational. (boy 10)

I liked the noughts and crosses but the teachers were strict about talking. (girl 10)

I liked everything about the course (boy 10)

I can now type better, without looking at the keys and there were good exercised to make you improve (girl 10)

I thought it was fun trying to earn all the stamps and travelling around the world and I enjoyed trying to earn points for our team. (girl 10)

The course was very very helpful and really easy. It was a lot better than my school course. I felt shy at first but made some good friends and I liked the activities in the break. The teachers were very nice and helpful. (boy 10)

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