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Easter 2013

Student feedback from the Easter 2013 touch typing course

First Decade:

Tuesday: It is fun but tricky. I love it and got a trophy. I was a monkey and the other player was a gorilla.
Wednesday: Today I have discovered I need to get my l, s and d right and that I need to rest my eyes by looking out of the window sometimes.
Thursday: It’s really fun today and I am getting better and better and better.
Friday: Hard but fun on the test. I got 91%. I am excellent at typing.
It was fun. (Girl aged 7)

It has got me to learn all the keys on the keyboard apart from numbers, caps lock and shifts off by heart. The software was great. (Boy aged 7)

It has helped me type faster. You learn a lot. (Boy aged 7)

I liked learning my keys (boy aged 8)

It has helped me type faster and you learn a lot. (Girl aged 8)

I don’t have to look at my hands any more. (boy aged 8)

I can now type without looking. It is very, very good. (Boy aged 9)

It has helped me with my homework so I can do it more fast and not get into bad habits. Girl aged 9)

I really liked the course because it’s helping me for homework and exams and the staff were really nice! I got my results so I know where to improve. I thought the breaks were really fun. Overall I really loved the course, it was really helpful. (Girl aged 9)

It taught me to touch type quickly. I liked the touch typing games. (Girl aged 10)

The activities in the break were fantastical. (Girl aged 10)


The course has made me quicker at typing and the activities were interesting. (Boy aged 13)

The course has helped me very much and I liked the friendly nature of it and the fact that I have acquired a life skill. I enjoyed the activities but sometimes I’d rather continue typing because I get addictive. (Boy aged 14)

I liked the interesting programmes but if could have been slightly longer every day. All the teachers were lovely. (Girl aged 14)

It’s helped me know the letters on the keyboard and learning the letters when coming to do work on my laptop. I have learned how to type properly and how to type faster. (Boy aged 14)

From the parents:

There is a positive attitude to learning and a good mixture of lessons and self-training. The software is good and with the activities it is nice to have a variety. The teachers have good all round skills and personalities. It is good value for money. (Teenager’s parent)

My son loved the course which is very positive and I saw my son doing a school project using the skills learnt this way. The software and teachers were excellent and it is great value. (Teenager’s parent)

My son became more confident, enjoyed playing games and making new friends. The software was good, activities very good, teachers very nice and helpful and it was value for money. (Parent of 10 year old boy).

I liked the structure of the course and my son was happy with the choice of software. The activities included great ideas.

I like the intense nature of the course so they can quickly see results. Having one son who is dyslexic and one who isn’t, there is a real difference in which software they prefer to use and find easier. It is great that they have a choice. The cost is appropriate.

It has given my daughter confidence and taught her good practice. She found it fun and enjoyed the programmes and activities.

My son loved it. I like the way the students can work at their own pace. The software is great, activities excellent, teachers lovely and the cost great.

Soon to be Teenagers:

I’ve learnt where all the home keys are and have got used to not looking at the keys as the box was over your hands so you couldn’t be tempted. I liked how we could have a game session in the last half hour, still having fun but learning more along the say. I think you’ve got the plot. (Girl aged 11).

I liked the quizzes and the teachers are great at supporting the students. (Boy aged 12)

I liked the variety of programs and activities. It has taught me the shift keys. There should be less breaks. (Boy aged 12)

It has helped me create a clearer mental vision of the keyboard, thus making typing easier. The staff are responsive and are quick to resolve any problems. I found the activities fun and enjoyable. (Girl aged 12)

It has helped me type much better and a lot quicker. I liked being able to play lots of different games. (Girl aged 12)

It has improved my speed and accuracy of typing. Many of the programmes were fun as well as the activities. (Boy aged 12)

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