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Easter 2014

Student feedback from the Easter 2014 touch typing course

From the parents:

It has given him the opportunity to be with other children with writing problems and he will be able to start typing the correct way.  The teachers are very prepared.  Five stars!
The course provides structured learning and is well planned.  It is good for the cost.
I like the ratio of staff to pupils and the length of the course.  I would like there to be more courses!
It all worked well and the cost was fair.
They have learnt some touch typing and are very enthusiastic about it.  I love the calm, friendly environment – and so do my kids! Thank you very much.  They have had a super week learning touch typing.  They are very keen and I’m, so happy about that.  They run in each morning.  We’ll be back for another course!
Great structured start to touch typing.  Fun environment.  Hours work well.  The teachers are very pleasant and approachable and give just enough info.  Very practical.

First Decade:

The teachers were lovely.  Girl aged 7
The course has helped a lot.  It is educational with good games.  Boy aged 7
It helped my dyslexia so now I know where the keys are which is very helpful.   Girl aged 8
I felt really happy and the teachers did not shout.  Boy aged 9
I have never been able to type before so I am happy!  I liked everything about the course and the teachers were brilliant!  Girl aged 9
It was fun.  I loved it. Girl aged 9
The teachers are supportive, friendly and helpful.  Girl aged 10
Loved it.  Free tea! Girl aged 10
I felt great when I learnt it.  I will need it in the future.  I liked the activity breaks.  Boy aged 10
I like that there are always more levels for better typists – or worse.  Girl aged 10
I have learned how to touch type.  I liked the activities when we were in our teams and were asked questions.  The room is pleasant without distractions.  Girl aged 11

Adult students:

It made me realise I’m never too old to learn to touch type.  I enjoyed the variety of software and doing it with my children.  I sometimes got frustrated with the frequent breaks as I wanted to get back to typing!  The teachers were very helpful, warm and friendly and I cannot fault the organisation and administration of the course.

Soon to be Teenagers:

This course has helped me by teaching me to touch type quickly and efficiently which is a vital skill in life.  Boy aged 11.
The course has helped me a lot and there was nothing that I didn’t like. Boy aged 11.
I enjoyed meeting people. Boy aged 12.


I am now able to touch type and am comfortable using the correct fingers.  The course was interactive, challenging and I was able to complete the tasks at my own pace. Boy aged 13
I have learned to touch type slowly but very accurately.  Boy aged 13
I can now touch type quite fast.  The programmes and good and teachers nice and helpful.  Girl aged 14
I liked all of the activities. Boy aged 14.
It has helped me for the future by teaching me to touch type.  The teachers were very kind and helpful.  Boy aged 14.
I learned a lot but would have liked more time on the computer.  The teachers were lovely.  Boy aged 14.

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