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Easter 2016

Student feedback from the Easter 2016 touch typing course

First Decade:

It has let me type much faster and write more stories.  It has amazing sites for learning TT.  You can collect lots of cool tips for better typing.  The breaks got you going again when you had been sitting down for a while.  Girl 8

It helped me learn to touch type without looking and I am now faster and I liked the programmes.  Girl 9

It was fun and I liked all the activities.  Boy 9

I can now type all the letters without looking.  Boy 9

It was good and I liked all the activities.  Boy 7

I liked the fact that learning could be fun.  Your games were all awesome.  Girl 9

Because I am dyslexic, writing is hard but typing is easier.  It was very fun.  Girl 9

I like that at the computer you can go fast and don’t have to look at your hands. Out of ten the activities come out as ten and a half.  Boy 7.

From the parents:

It gave my son more confidence and I liked getting the feedback on his progress.

It made them more confident about keyboard use and great practice for copying from texts.  There was a nice mixture of fun activity and focused work.  My eight year old daughter found the activities great fun.  The venue is excellent with easy access and it is great there is no problem parking.  The cost is reasonable.

I liked the course for my son very much.

It was great the way you got students interacting.  By doing the course in a condensed form they could see results and it was very organised.

It gave my children confidence to continue touch typing and I liked the friendly teachers.  The timing is good.  Well paced.  Good balance between learning and fun.

My wife and I feel it is good value for money.

It has definitely helped my three children and is good for all ages.  Could have been closer to home but the facilities all excellent and the cost was well worth it.

Fantastic course which has definitely helped my son whilst being enjoyable and fun.

The children are very keen to come each day.  It is well organised with the right amount of typing and activities.  The teachers are lovely and I don’t know how you manage to keep all the students under control!  Very good value.

My son feels more confident with the keyboard and he has enjoyed the course from day one.

This is the second time we have done the course and there is no need to change it.  It is worth the fees.
My son will be using his typing skills during future school lessons so this course was vital.  He was very happy and enjoyed it and the feedback was very helpful.  It was a 45 minute drive for us but worth it.

Adult students:

It has taught me how to type correctly and I have learned a new skill (-at my age!!).  The teachers were very friendly and helpful.

It has helped me remember some tips for locating the keys.  It’s been fun!  The children in my team were delightful.

I liked the fact that kids and adults could come and learn together.

Soon to be Teenagers:

I enjoyed the April Fool’s joke!  Boy 11

I liked how enjoyable it has been with a variety of things to do.  Boy 12

It has improved the speed and accuracy, is very friendly and has well organised breaks.  It has been very helpful and changed and improved my typing.  Boy 11

I liked the teachers and the programmes we used helped me.  Girl 12

It has helped me by not looking at the keyboard and to type faster.  I liked the friends I made and the help I got from the adults to improve my typing.  The teachers are helpful and kind and the activities are fun.  Girl 11

It has helped me remember the keys and position of hands.  I liked the touch typing program and helpful staff.  They taught me some really easy methods of remembering letters and which fingers to use. Girl 11

I can now type without looking, faster and more accurately and I like that.  Boy 12


It has helped me learn how to touch type and I like it that there are lots of people to help and useful and important to learn how not to strain your body whilst typing.  It is a well thought out and organised course.  Girl 15.

The course has dramatically improved my touch typing from the start.  I liked everything about it.  Boy 13

I liked the advice in the breaks and the help with getting correct fingering. Girl 13

I liked the team activities and the teachers were kind and good and I learned to touch type.  Boy 13

It has improved my speed and accuracy when typing and I liked the variety of software available.  I liked the activity on posture and repetitive strain injury as it was interesting.  Girl 13

I like how much I have learned the program was really good and the teachers helpful and nice.  Boy 13

It was fun and it got me up to 31 words per minute.  Boy 14

It has helped me learn to touch type without looking and develop this skill as I couldn’t at all before.  I liked the software and the sessions were broken down nicely with fun breaks in between.  The teachers were very kind and helpful and it was well run in a nice place.  Girl 14

I can now type faster and more accurately.  It was a friendly and positive environment.  The activities were interesting and challenging.  Boy 14

It has taught me the best way to type.  It got you into good habits and you could work at your own pace. Boy 15

The course has definitely helped me and got me familiar with the keyboard.  It was fun and I met a lot of people and made new friends.  The teachers were a really patient, helpful and enthusiastic team who really motivate you.  Boy 15

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