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Easter 2017

Student feedback from the Easter 2017 touch typing course

First Decade:

The course has helped me to touch type and I loved the software and the games.  The activities were brilliant and teachers really nice and helpful.  Boy 10

I would have liked the course to have been longer.
I liked everything about the course and it was fun.  Boy 9

This course has helped me because before I didn’t know where all the keys were and I only used the left shift key before.  I liked that activity breaks, really enjoyed the software and the teachers were king.  Girl 9

It helped me understand the keyboard.  I liked the keyboard and the drawing. Boy 7

From the parents:

He now has understanding of the keyboard and the importance of learning to touch type.  Explained well, fun.  The organisation, venue and cost are very good.

Built confidence, learnt accuracy is more important than speed, friendly and patient teachers, excellent organisation and good value.

Gaining confidence on keyboard, encouraging, he liked completing his passport stamps.  The organisation was very efficient.

Nice classroom, regular breaks, good software.  The activities were fun, teachers helpful, organisation very good, venue good and cost fair.

Helped my son focus on learning a valuable skill and given him lots of confidence!  He actively enjoyed it.  It was good that there were lots of teachers.  The organisation and venue are excellent and I am glad that the parking is stress free!

Great course given.  Loved it.  Thank you.

My children’s confidence has increased in a very positive way and the teachers are very very kind. This course has not only helped my daughter with typing but posture and position of screen and keyboard.  This is very important when using computers on a daily basis.  She enjoyed meeting new people.  The software is excellent and she is keen to continue with it at home.  The activities were good and included all age groups well.  The teachers were very helpful and friendly.  The organisation is excellent.  Very structured and everything is well laid out and planned.  Good parking and the cost is fair and in line with what I would expect.

Adult students:

I have learned most of the keyboard and it will help my accuracy and speed a great deal.  I very much like that I could come with my son which makes it much easier to support his Touch typing learning.  Very good idea to teach how to look after our backs, eyes, wrists, necks etc.  The teachers were very helpful.

Soon to be Teenagers:

I liked the stories.  The teachers were amazing.  Boy 12.

It was good that the computers were not slow.  I found the course useful and I will now practise typing fast and accurately.  Boy 12.

It will help me with my school work.  The games have been fun and I have made new friends and have learnt a very useful skill.  The teachers really helped when I was stuck and it was a good place where I could concentrate.  Girl 12.

It has helped me type correctly and has helped a lot.  I liked all the activity and the teachers being kind and caring.  Girl 12

It will help me with my class work and home work.  The teachers were kind and caring.  Girl 11.


I learned the correct finger positions and it was good that we not only had a board over our hands but also the letters were painted out of the keyboard so we couldn’t cheat and had to learn properly.  The software was good and teachers very friendly and helpful.  Girl 17

The course is fun and useful and does what it says on the tin. Boy 13.

This course has helped me a lot.  Boy 13

I like the way the software is designed to tell you how far you are and it made it fun with the different designs, stamps and MUSIC (I’d buy the play list).  The activities were creative and helped you learn and I liked the team games.  The teachers were very nice and didn’t fuss around you too much which is very good.  Girl 13

I liked the information on how to work properly.  It has helped me to work better on my laptop in school and for homework and has also developed my understanding of the computer.  There was a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere and I felt everyone was helpful and approachable.

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