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Easter 2018

Student feedback from the Easter 2018 touch typing course

First Decade:

It makes typing a lot quicker.  The software was good, I liked the activity breaks which were brilliant, the programmes were good and the typing games, fun.  The teachers were nice and good company, it is a nice place and I loved it.  Boy 10 yrs.

I can now touch type and I like how you can socialise.  Girl 10

I really liked the programme, the teachers and the activities.  Boy 9 yrs.

I loved the programme.  The course helped me learn the top and bottom row keys and the shifts.  I liked the activities and the teachers were AMAZING.  Girl 9

I can now type without looking.  The course was perfect and I liked the nice teachrs who were kind, helpful, encouraging and friendly.  Girl 9

It was fun and I loved it.  Girl 8

I know all the keys.  The activities were good and the teachers great.  Girl 7

From the parents:

He now sees the point of learning to touch type and is definitely making progress.  Mother of a teenager

Very well organised, clear instructions, enthusiastic team, good venue, it’s working!

I liked the facilities, size of class and the teachers.  It has built her confidence and ability to touch type.

Good value given the level of teaching and staff/pupil ratio.

I like that it is a short course in the school holidays.

It has increased my child’s confidence.  He has learnt the keyboard and is starting to know the keys without looking.  I liked that the course is very flexible with a clear structure and varied activities.  The teachers are calm, approachable and knowledgeable.  The cost is reasonable.

Free parking!

From being a total beginner a year ago my son can now touch type.  He was very reluctant to begin with but we have persevered.  As he struggles with handwriting, this will be an enormous help to him, particularly at school.  The teachers are wonderfully patient and helpful.  The success of the course is all down to the excellent teachers.  I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has helped him learn this valuable skill of touch typing.

I like that it is fun at the same time as learning.

A great confidence boost and motivator for both of my children who attended.  I liked the fact that I could do it with my children.  The cost was very good and the teachers patient and encouraging.

Excellent.  Love it.

I was surprised how much the kids enjoyed it!  Will highly recommend!

Adult students:

I liked the focussed time on typing away from my busy life.  I liked doing it with my children, helping us all to better skills.  The teachers are all very kind, helpful and encouraging.  I would like the course to have been longer.

I became faster and more accurate.

Soon to be Teenagers:

It has helped me become faster and I liked making friends. Boy 12

I am dyslexic and so it will help with my spelling.  It was fun and still educational.  I learned the whole alphabet but this was still at a basic level.  It was really social and I liked choosing what to work on.  Boy 11yrs

It has helped me to touch type for my essays and homework.  I liked that we had many different programmes.  The activities were really useful and the teachers are super nice and really helpful.  Girl 11

The teachers were SOOOO kind and helpful and I liked the help I got when I was confused about learning all the numbers and symbols.  Boy 11.


It has helped me develop my typing skill and I liked learning to touch type and where the keys are.  The teachers were really helpful and the venue and organisation, very good.  Girl 17 yrs

It has helped to teach me how to touch type without looking.  I liked that there were boards to stop us from looking at the keyboard and Velcro to help guide where you were on the home keys and shifts.  I liked the creative activities and the teachers were encouraging, friendly, polite and their advice was very useful.  Very patient.  Good that it is in a school setting because it helps me to concentrate and want to learn.  Girl 17

I don’t need to look at the keys and can still type accurately.  I liked the structure of the morning and the typing programmes.  Girl 17

It has allowed me to type faster and more efficiently.  I liked all the activities, the software and the teachers and the place was good.  Boy 14 yrs

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