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Private Typing

To apply for private typing lessons please contact Jane Verity:

Most students learn to touch type best through the holiday courses where everyone is doing the same thing and the experience is intense so that real progress can be made in a short time. It is also a more economical way to learn.  However, on rare occasions a private lesson, followed by work at the student’s home is the best solution if a student either cannot attend the holiday courses because they are always away, or there is an urgency for them to learn, or their difficulties are so severe that they need considerable one-to-one help before they could cope with a holiday course.

A minimum of three private lessons, spaced out over a few weeks, should be arranged.  The software should be bought and installed on the computer in the student’s home. It can be installed on only one computer but other people can use it and it will keep individual records for each of them. In most cases it is advisable for both the parents and the students to make a commitment to continue to practise at least 10 to 15 minutes every day. The software is fun. Students are eager to progress. There have been students who have done brilliantly on their own at home but they were highly motivated.

Each private lesson lasts one and a quarter hours. Half an hour of typing is followed by a fifteen minute break where we learn about the correct positions for touch typing, both for the body and for the equipment. We practise some exercises and have other related activities. Private lessons take place, by arrangement, in the tutor’s home.

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