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Summer 2011

Student feedback from the Summer 2011 touch typing course

From the parents:

Thanks for responding to my son’s needs.
I liked it that the course was relaxed but with good discipline.  The games were enjoyable and the course good value for money.
Good structure to the course.
It has given my son the confidence to try and do everything the correct way.
The children said it was hard work but they learnt a lot!
It has been very beneficial to my daughter and her friend.
Well-structured one-to-one tuition.

First Decade:

I can type quicker and know where the letters are on the keyboard.  Boy 7
It helped me with spelling and typing Boy 9
Now I know every letter in the alphabet on the keyboard off by heart.  Boy 8
I am very happy but would have liked to do more typing.  Girl 8
When I came I couldn’t touch type but now I am leaving – I can.  Girl 8

Adult students:

I had no idea how to touch type, having spent 30 years on two fingers.  I now know where all the keys are and which fingers I should use.
I liked that we could all do it together as a family.
I was glad of the opportunity for all ages.  I liked the individuality and that there was no pressure.  It was a brilliant and well managed class.  The venue is pleasant with good parking.
I’ve learnt the keys and built up my confidence.  It was well structured and catered well for all age groups together. An enjoyable four days.  Thank you.

Soon to be Teenagers:

I can now type quicker and more accurately.  The games are fun and teach you how to type.  The teachers are kind and helpful.  Girl 12
I liked the free tea.  Boy aged 11.
It has helped me learn how to touch type and I had a chance to meet new people.  Boy aged 12
I liked the variety of programmes.  Girl 12


It has helped me improve my typing skills and ability along with speed and accuracy.  Girl 13
I know where all the letters on the keyboard are without looking now and I liked the activity breaks.  Girl 13
Working on a computer for GCSE, I can now type at a rapid speed to make work considerably easier.  The cooperation, support and advice from the staff was extremely helpful when in need of assistance.  Boy 13
There was lots of chance to socialise.  Girl 14
It has enabled me to touch type more and the course was helpful, useful and friendly.  Boy 14
It has helped me to learn the basics of typing and helped a lot.  It is a really good course and I am glad I did it.  Girl 15

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