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Summer 2012

Student feedback from the Summer 2012 touch typing course


It was a very comprehensive course on all aspects of typing. Boy 17

This is a good course, good time organisation and I liked being able to work at my own pace and also the team games. Boy 14

It is good that there are three teachers so it’s easy to get help. Boy 14

Really helpful- really encouraged to carry on. Everything is done in proportion, new things introduced. The teachers were really helpful, friendly and approachable. Girl 16

I’m faster at typing and know where all the keys are on the keyboard. I liked the activity breaks, loved the software but would have liked the course to be longer. The teachers were lovely. Girl 15

I don’t think there is anything you could do to improve the course. Boy 15

The activities were great and really refreshed my brain. Girl 14

I can now type far quicker and with more accuracy. I thought the activities were really useful and fun to do and the teachers were very helpful and friendly. Girl 14

The teachers were really lovely and helped me an awful lot. Boy 14

It helped me not make as many mistakes and type faster and I liked the games. Girl 13.

I couldn’t touch type at all before I came and now I can touch type, but very slowly. Girl 13

I can now touch type a lot better than I could before and I hope to start using a laptop in school now. All the instructors were really helpful and kind and supportive. Girl 13.

Improved loads. Boy 14.


It will be very useful to be able to touch type at work. The course has been just long enough for me to persevere and carry on trying to get faster. A lot of people my sort of age (22) can’t touch type but really need to because you can’t hand anything in at university that isn’t typed and when starting work it’s a good skill.

It has given me an understanding of the principles that will, I hope, be the foundation of further development. There was a very varied range of activities, enthusiastic teachers and students.

I have learnt the layout of the keyboard and can start to type without looking.

Spurred me on to finally learn touch typing.

I liked the variety of software, being able to work to your own pace, no pressure environment. There was good clear instruction.

I liked the disciplined environment for practice and the variety of software available.


Really awesome programmes. Boy 12

It helped me go faster at typing and I liked the games. The teachers were nice and helped a lot.
Kind, friendly criticism. Girl aged 12 [N.B. this girl achieved 68 words per minute and 98% accuracy]

It has made me type quicker and use two hands. You get to make new friends as well as being able to chat in the fun activity breaks. The programme was great as it really helped you progress. The activities helped you learn about the subject and were very interesting. The teachers made you feel welcome and praised you if you did well. Everything was fine. Boy 11

The tea was good. Boy 11

I can now do some keys without thinking. There was a range of programmes and we never went too long without a break. Girl aged 11

The course has made me a better touch typist and I liked everything about it. The activities were educational. Boy 11

It has helped my 8 year old sister and I in every way. We liked all the activities which were fun and the teachers were very friendly. Boy 11

I liked everything about the course and it made me a better typist. The software was fun and the teachers were very kind. Girl 11

I used to type with two fingers but now I use all ten. Boy 11


The course has helped me loads and I liked all of it. Boy 10

Best course ever!!! Girl 10

The course has helped me to correct my fingering and the activities to get refreshed. The teachers were great and explained it really well. Girl 10

I think the teachers are good at encouraging people to do their best. Boy aged 9

It has helped me to do things quicker and is a lot more fun than just typing. I like the programmes, teachers and activities. Boy 9

I now know where all the keys are. Girl 9.

It is one of the best things to do in the holidays! Girl 8

I liked playing on the different programmes and it has made me a better typist. Girl 7


I just wanted to thank you for having my son in your group this week. I was so delighted and pleasantly surprised that he was able to stick with it for the four mornings (under your sympathetic and knowledgeable eye) and he now has a great launch pad to carry on with his daily typing at school when he goes back in a couple of weeks.

Excellent teachers – gently picking up on mistakes and encouraging improvement. Good value for money.

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my daughter and myself for an excellent course. It has really boosted her confidence and she is now able to locate keys on a keyboard so much more quickly and accurately. I was very impressed with the excellent organisation and timekeeping. I also very much appreciated your flexibility at allowing her to catch up any time she missed by starting the next day earlier.

It has been good to focus my 15 year old son and given him an incentive to improve his typing. The course has seemed really well organised, friendly and with good control. The cost is reasonable.

I liked the close attention given to the children.

Both sons are very positive about their touch typing now. I liked the fact that they enjoyed it – even want to come back and do another course.

My son loved it so I’m happy. An excellent course: efficient, friendly and well organised.

My son definitely feels he has improved his speed. The course was very well organised and structured with friendly instructors.

One of my children could type quickly but had picked up a number of bad habits that the course motivated her to eradicate. The other was a beginner who has now developed a good foundation in touch typing to work from.

Well structured, helpful tips/tuition

Teachers Par Excellent and the ambience good.

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