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Summer 2013

Student feedback from the Summer 2013 touch typing course

From the parents:

I liked everything about the course. It was very professional and friendly. The organisation and administration was brilliant, venue spacious and in a good location and the cost very reasonable. Thank you very much for all your hard work.

The teachers are helpful and my son is happy. The venue is fine and the course good value.

The course has helped my children. It has a good structure and everything about it is good.

My seven year old son is much more key board confident now and I liked how the children worked at their own speed and in silence. He has talked non-stop about the software/games and so it must be good. Everything was excellent and the teachers were very friendly and welcoming but I would like there to be half term courses as well.

I like the way the course worked to the child’s ability. The teachers were approachable and friendly and everything else was excellent including the cost.

It was more fun than my daughters thought it would be. It is easy to get to with plenty of free parking and I think it is excellent value for money. It was very well organised and the teachers were lovely.

It is quite difficult to comment as the girls won’t really give me much feedback. What I can say is that they have been up at 7 each morning and we have left the house by 8.20 without any complaint – that is unusual – so the course must be O.K.

I liked the individual approach and the structure with lots of breaks. It is very good value.
Lovely introduction to typing. I liked the structure, organisation, breaks, groups – everything. The place is lovely with good parking facilities. Thank you for a lovely course the girls have loved it!

There is nothing else like it around! It was all great and a good staff ratio.

My children are very positive about learning to type now and understand the importance of the rules! It is good value, especially with the discounts for families.

He enjoyed it! He likes competition, so that is good for boys, but the key thing is that what he had thought would be a chore has turned out to be very enjoyable.

Adult students:

It has helped me very much and I like the different programmes.

I like how everyone proceeds at their own pace. The teachers and organisation were excellent and the venue handy and not too crowded.

It has helped me navigate my way around the keyboard without looking. I liked the structured approach with build in success. The activities in the breaks were most welcome to rest eyes and body. The teachers are a strong team of dedicated professionals. A head teacher.

Everything is so clear and simple that the course would work for 6-99 year olds!

I was a hopeless typist but now I am slow but a proper typist. The teachers are very helpful for ages 7 to 43!

I have learnt where all the useful keys are by touch and I have been inspired to keep trying to touch type. It is well organised, friendly and professionally run. The teachers are brilliant, organisation very good and venue excellent.

I think I have “got” touch typing for the first time. The key for me was covering the keyboard so I had to learn “blind”.

First Decade:

It is a good way to teach touch typing and nothing could be improved. The teachers were very nice. 8 year old boy

It made me more accurate and the activities were amazing but I think we should have been allowed an hour of games on the last day instead of half an hour. 10 year old boy.

The touch typing course has really helped me to remember all the keys again. When I came last time, I really enjoyed it but after the course I didn’t practise.. The activities in the breaks have helped me understand the importance of touch typing and helped me to know how to look after my body. The teachers were really encouraging and help you as much as they can to get you a good mark. The organisation is very very good and they let you know what is going to happen and when and there is a list of what we’re going to do. 10 year old girl

The teachers were extraordinarily positive. 10 year old boy

The activities are fun. You meet new people and the teachers help with the smallest problem. 10 year old girl

The course has helped me a lot and I can touch type. It made me feel proud. The teachers are caring and kind. The course was brilliant – fantastic. 7 year old boy

The course has helped me type faster and more accurately. I liked the fun typing games and the activity breaks were really fun. The teachers were really helpful and supportive and the chairs very comfy. 10 year old girl

The course has helped me so much that I can now fluently touch type with few mistakes. The tutors are great and the collecting of stamps is awesome. It is very welcoming and I made new friends. The facilities are good and it is a lovely room. I’ve enjoyed it very much and thank you for all the help you have given me. 10 year old boy.

I will need a laptop at school and touch typing will really help. The teachers are really nice and being on the computers is fun. Keep going Jane!

I adored it. It’s amazing. 10 year old girl

Soon to be Teenagers:

This course has helped me with my typing because my handwriting is terrible. I found the activities in the break really fun. 11 year old boy

The teachers were very good, funny and helpful and the place was nice but we should be allowed to talk in class.

The teachers were kind. 12 year old boy

Thanks for making touch typing so fun. 11 year old boy.

I found it easy to learn as it was explained well. The course was very good and nothing could be improved. The teachers were kind and helpful and the venue perfect. 12 year old boy.

I like being in a team and the teachers are hardworking. 11 year old boy.

It gave me an awesome life skill. The teachers never gave up on me! The activities were very original and well thought out. It was fun. 11 year old boy


I liked the results. My speed improved and the teachers were enthusiastic and friendly 16 year old boy

I will now be able to type up essays and copy school work. 13 year old girl

I found the course perfect as it is. I really liked the teachers. Jane is really nice, Colin so funny and Sharon is really lovely. 14 year old girl

The activities were exciting. 13 year old boy

The course has helped me to type without looking at the keypad. The programs that were used were good and when we needed help, we were helped. 13 year old boy

It has taught me a valuable life skill and it was helpful and productive. 14 year old boy

It was the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I nearly learnt to type. There’s nothing that needs improving. Amazing. I think you should do it again. 13 year old girl

The course would be better if it was for one more day or had longer sessions. 13 year old boy.

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