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Summer 2014

Student feedback from the Summer 2014 touch typing course

From the parents:

Great introduction to touch typing at a young age.  They have enjoyed what could have been a "chore".  The girls have really liked their teachers.  More next year please!
It’s a serious learning opportunity – but in a fun environment.
We liked that it was taught in small chunks as this helped with concentration and the activities were great.
It has helped my children’s confidence and skill.  They loved it.  The teachers were great as was the cost.
It has helped my children to develop their typing skills.  It is good value for money and the kids liked the games.
The course has helped my children very much.  It is friendly and professional and good value.
An excellent course.  Please do more.  Well done.
I liked the way my children went back to basics to rid themselves of bad habits.  The intensive four days has given them a good start.
Everything is fantastic.  All excellent.  Please run more often.
I wish I had known about this course sooner.  The four mornings is very relaxed and there is lots of support.  
Well structured, good programmes, helpful teachers, clear instructions, happy with the cost.
I thought he would hate this, but he didn’t!
She has improved her typing which long term will help with essays.
I liked that it was intense and practical.  The teachers were excellent and excellent value.
Kits happy and want to come – so all good.  Efficient, intensive, friendly, professional.
Thank you Jane and Colin and all your wonderful team.

Adult students:

I have started to touch type – VERY pleased with myself!  I liked the structure.  Periods of concentration just right.  The teachers are excellent and it the place was easy to find and park.
I liked the variety of programmes available.
The activities in the break were helpful for cementing the knowledge of the students.
I liked everything about the course: the teachers, the software used, the venue and the facilities and the course has been designed for children and adults to enjoy together.
I learned to touch type and I learned how to help my son learn to touch type.  The course had a good structure, good balance of learning and activities.  The children were very engaged.
It gave me touch typing speed and I liked the opportunity to work at our own speed.  The course was professional and relevant and the activities were fun.
I liked being able to do the course with my daughter.
I liked the fact that I have now got started and the course was great fun.  It was excellent and well worth the time and the cash.
I enjoyed the structure and timings.  Despite large number of people (children), it was calm and smoothly run.
Good atmosphere and no one is made to feel incompetent.
It has helped my daughter and myself.  It is very methodical, the teachers helpful and the cost good.
I liked the good teacher/student ratio, structure and breaks.  The teachers were lovely.
No idea which fingers to use before.  Now reasonably confident.

First Decade:

I liked the games. Girl 7.
It has taught me to touch type without looking.  Girl 7
It was sooooo fun.  I’d recommend it for all ages.  Girl 7
I have learnt a very important thing and the activities were amazing.  The teachers were friendly and understanding.  Girl 8
I have now learned the bottom row.  The activities were very good.  Boy 8
It has made me realise that touch typing is an important skill.  I loved it. Girl 9
The course has helped me get quicker at typing and I really loved everything.  Boy 9
It was amazing and now I can type better, faster and without looking.  Boy 9
Nothing could be improved about this course.  It is the best typing course I have ever been to.  It was brilliant.  The teachers were excellent and very nice.  Boy 9
The course has helped me to feel confident enough to use a laptop at school and it was fun.  I loved all the activities.  They were really fun and the teachers were great, absolutely amazing, really encouraging.  Boy 10
It was really fun! Girl 10
First I wasn’t so sure about touch typing but now I feel confident.  I liked everything.  The games were competitive and fun and teachers were helpful, funny and co-operative. Girl 10

Soon to be Teenagers:

I am getting much better at typing.  I will be able to use it when I go to secondary school.  The programmes are really good.  The teachers really help when you’re stuck.  Girl 11
I liked meeting people.  The teachers were encouraging and kind.  Girl 11
If you need to copy something you have to keep on looking up but now I can do it.  Girl 11
I have learnt to type with speed and accuracy and I like how you learn a lot.  Girl 11
It’s been brilliant and I can now touch type.  I like that we get prizes and certificates.  Boy 11
I liked everything about the course.  It has helped me a lot.  Boy 11.
I can type faster and with the right fingers now.  Boy 11
This course is brilliant!  It has hugely improved my typing speed and efficiency.  Boy 11
It was fun and the activities were interesting.  Boy 11.
The teachers were brilliant!  I liked that we got to play games at the end.  Boy 11
I can almost touch type every key.  I liked learning touch typing in four days. Boy 11
It helped me improve my touch typing skills.  There was good software and teachers.  Boy 12
It has made me really accurate when I am touch typing.  I liked all the programmes and that we had time to play games.  I loved the touch typing and activities in the breaks!  Girl 12
Very nice course.  I liked all of the activities and I’m now more accurate and faster.  Girl 12
It has definitely improved my touch typing and has made me more comfortable in a large group of people.  I liked the teams Girl 12


It has made me faster and more confident at typing.  Boy 13.
I could really notice how I improved and the resources were beneficial.  Boy 13
The course will help me for exams.  It was fun and easy, the teachers were very helpful and kind.  Boy 15.
I liked the individual steps and that the teachers were always motivating me to do better. Boy 15
The software and teachers were excellent.  The activities in the breaks helped me to regenerate my concentration for the computer work.  Boy 15
I liked having the option to use various programmes.  The activity breaks were a good length and interactive.  The teachers were very helpful and it was well organised.  Girl 15
Very helpful, learnt lots.  I now know where all the letters on the keyboard are and some punctuation.  Girl 15

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