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Summer 2015

Student feedback from the Summer 2015 touch typing course

Adult students:

Good Course – encouraging for adults.  Excellent teachers.  It may be possible to change a 20 year habit?
It was great to do this course with my daughter.  I like the consistent input and she has done so well.  (She is better than me!)
From not knowing any touch typing to being able to know most of the letter keys.  Well structured and clear.  The teachers were very helpful and knowledgeable – I really learned a lot.  Thank you!
I felt I was learning at an appropriate level in spite of working alongside a varied age range.
This is the first time that I have learned all the keys and I liked the number of ways to help you learn.  I needed more time though as the memory is slow and I need to repeat a lot.
I appreciated the advice on how to sit correctly.  The teachers were great.  Their positive comments bring out the best.  I hope to keep typing
I enjoyed the activities.
I would like the course to be longer so that I can practise more in this setting.
Good understanding of where the keys are, good atmosphere and easy to understand software.

From the parents:

It has helped my son by giving him confidence and a sense of achievement and he is now confident about typing up his homework.  The cost is worthwhile.
I liked the approach: adult - style, motivational.  No negative feedback – all positive.
I liked the individual approach – pupil/teacher ratio.  Good value but seems expensive before you start.
Caters for different levels.  Very well organised, professional, brilliant communication and planning.  Thank you for a fantastic course!  My girls thought it was fun and very useful.  You do a great job.
Overall I thought this was a well run and thoughtfully constructed course that challenged at an appropriate level with good improvement skills.  I liked the strictness about not looking at the fingers.  It was expensive for us both to attend but I feel worthwhile for the skills it developed.
The course is very good and my son enjoyed it.  The teachers are fab and he liked them.
The course has increased my son’s knowledge and understanding of the use and importance of touch typing.  I liked the variety of software and the feedback.  My son enjoyed it all and the teachers were supportive, approachable and positive.  The venue was easy to find, good for parking and the cost appropriate but I would like there to be more courses!
It has been good for my son’s confidence and he has wanted to attend.  There is a relaxed atmosphere.
My 13 year old really progressed and is hoping to type exams.  It is an efficient, organised, professional and friendly course.
My son has learned a new skill.  He said he wasn’t interested to begin with, but once he got the hang of it he enjoyed the work and his confidence has increased over the week with positive feedback from him.  I think it was a great course.
My children were extremely keen and motivated to attend each morning.  It is well organised and effective, the teachers are excellent and the venue perfect, tidy and clean and the children were not bored.
The children have really enjoyed the course and their confidence with typing has really improved.  Thank you.  The teachers are approachable and friendly and the cost O.K.
The girls were enthusiastic about coming every day.  The software was good, activities excellent, teachers great, organisation perfect and cost good.
My daughter has dyslexia so if she can improve her typing skills she will be able to use a laptop at school and for exams.  By the second day my daughter was engaged and could understand why it was a good course to do.  It was stimulating.  I think the present cost of the course is fair and very good value for money.  I only wish you had more courses nearer to where we live!
Even though I have to get two motorways to get to the course it is very convenient near the M3 and good that there is a quiet area for me to work while I wait.  I was happy with it all and my son enjoyed it while learning and made a friend.  It means he will be allowed to use a laptop for work at school.
They gained confidence with touch typing.  The teachers were very good, the cost was fine and they really enjoyed it.
Good value.  Activities brilliant.
I liked that it was sociable, the teachers wonderful, administration and organisation were spot on, great signage and cost O.K.  All good.
All good.  They enjoyed it and can now type with confidence.
My son’s confidence has risen and he has really taken to the course.  It is very good value.
I liked everything about the course.  The teachers were friendly and kind, it was very efficient, easy to get to and park and the cost was great.

My daughter has been very happy and it is value for money to acquire a life skill.

First Decade:

At first I felt nervous but now I feel proud.  The teachers were lovely.  Boy - 8
I liked the fact that people helped me when I found it hard.  Boy – 10
This course has helped me learn almost every key on the keyboard and to type quickly. Boy – 10
I liked the teachers and the games.  Girl - 10
It was fun and you get new friends.  The teachers were nice, gentle and kind.  Girl - 8
It makes my homework much quicker now.  I liked the last half hour when you got to play games.  The activities were awesome and the teachers great. Girl - 9
The course has helped me to understand how important it is to cover the keys.  It has been fun with the activity breaks and all the teachers were nice and ready to help. Boy - 10
The course has helped me to improve my touch typing.  It was fun and happy and the teachers were amazing.  Boy – 9
It helped me to slow down and be more accurate.  Girl - 8
I loved the quizzes.  Boy – 9
It has helped me to touch type and was fun.  Girl – 9
It has helped me because now I can do things quicker.  It was great fun and they put you in age groups so you can make friends and the teachers are really friendly.  Boy – 10
I thought it was really fun and it stopped me looking at my fingers.  Girl - 9
It helped me to type enthusiastically and made typing easier.  I liked the way you can work towards stamps in your passport and you’re not always typing you’re playing games on the computer and with your group.  Girl – 9 ½
The activities helped me learn the keys and everyone was supportive.  Nothing could be improved about this course.  Girl – 9
The course has helped a lot and I made friends and had fun.  The teachers were really kind and caring.  Girl – 9
It helped me with my punctuation and shift keys.  I liked doing the activities and the teachers are really nice.  Boy – 9
It helped  me to type quickly and accurately.  Girl – 10
It has helped me to type accurately and I like the friendly atmosphere. Girl – 9
It was fun in an educational way. Girl - 11
It has helped me type faster and with the correct fingers.  I liked the games and the fact that there is no homework!  Boy – 11

Soon to be Teenagers:

It doubled my typing speed.  I liked the programmes and all the activity breaks and the teachers were very nice.  Boy 12.
It has helped to make my typing faster and more accurate.  I liked the programmes and making new friends.  The teachers were amazing, friendly and extremely helpful, the organisation perfect and the place good.  Girl - 11
The course improved my typing speed and accuracy.  I now don’t have to look at the keys which means that I can concentrate on the quality of my work rather than typing.  The course was fun and instructive and I learnt a lot.  Boy – 12
The course has made me use the correct fingers and made me fast.  The teachers were friendly and good and there was good software.  Girl - 11
The course is very well rung and all the instructors kept me motivated and helped me to remember where all the keys are.  It was amazing.  Boy – 12


I couldn’t really type before but now I can find my way around the keyboard comfortably without really thinking.  The activity breaks were good and fun.  The teachers were very helpful and friendly and always around to support.  Girl – 17
My speed and accuracy increased.  I loved the software.  The activities were useful and the teachers helpful.  I liked everything.  Boy - 13
I will now be able to type out my GCSE’s which will help me a lot.  The teachers were very helpful and had a solution to every problem.  Boy - 14
I liked everything about the course which has taught me to type.  The teachers were of superb quality.  Boy – 15
I like how everyone was very friendly and all the teachers were very nice. Girl – 13
My GCSE’S are coming up and this will help me a lot.  I like the ocurse because the teachers are helpful and the course is so good.  Girl – 14
I had a lovely time.  Thank you all
J Girl – 15
I have learned to touch type better and I now know all the keys.  I like the different ways of learning the keys and the instructors.  
J Girl – 15
I liked that we were able to go at our own pace. Girl – 13
It has improved the speed and accuracy of my typing and made me aware of how I should sit.  The activities were a good way to have a break yet be productive.  Boy – 13
The course has enabled me to have quicker typing and will help when copying text onto a computer in the future.  It was very calm, relaxing with a helpful and professional atmosphere. Boy – 13
The course has improved my touch typing skills.  I liked that there were lots of well thought out activities and I liked learning about how to prevent injuries while typing.  The teachers were very friendly and always happy to help.  Boy – 15
It was made fun with the activities and the computer programmes and all the activities were relevant. Boy – 14
It has helped my typing ability greatly and it was very easy to get to with the signs. Boy - 14

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