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Summer 2016

Student feedback from the Summer 2016 touch typing course

Adult students:

I am slowly, slowly getting to find my way around the keyboard without looking.  I like the way it is broken up into periods of concentration and periods of brain rest.  All the activities were fine and well thought out.  It was great fun, really well organised with lovely people.
It helped me progress with my typing and I liked the support available.
I liked the structure, teaching and personal approach.  The teachers were great.
Excellent programme and productive breaks.  Classes were well led and clearly presented.  Help was given as needed.  The organisation was excellent.
I liked the opportunity to practise using a good computer package which was helpful.  I enjoyed the activities which were great especially the team competition.  Great support.
I liked the sense of improvement.

From the parents:

Typing seems to have improved.  I liked the location and the gentleness.  I like that they learn with their keyboards covered.  The teachers are lovely, software great and it is good value.
It has kept her interest over the week.
Excellent organisation, especially e-mails and directions.  The teachers were approachable and encouraging.
Much better than any typing programmes offered at school.  Well organised, structured with regular breaks.
Got the children really enthusiastic about the need to type.
I liked that it was a safe environment.
Enthused my thirteen year old son to touch type.  Good value.
My son’s speed and accuracy has improved and I think the cost is fair.
I liked the fact that it was four mornings in a row.
My eight year old son has gained confidence.  It is a constructive use of screen time and I like that it is open to a good range of age groups.  Good location and easy to book.
They have begun to touch type!
Hopefully this has embedded the first stepping stone into becoming very proficient.  I liked the speed of learning, interaction with tutors, software package, maintaining the interest levels.  These were all excellent as was the venue, teachers and value for money.
Professional and well organised.
Hopefully he will find it easier to access his education with his new touch typing skills.
Given a skill for life!  Individual to the child and excellent staff/student ratio.
The touch typing has improved.  The teachers are fine, admin excellent venue and cost good.
The course has helped my children get good fingering and speed.  It is straightforward and well supervised.  The teachers are great.  Organisation excellent and the cost good.
This has been money well spent as it is a huge improvement over writing by hand, especially when dyslexic.  She will be able to get more information written during her GCSE exams next year.  I liked the frequent breaks, good structure.  The activities were relevant and varied and the teachers good at keeping the pupils focused and on task.  It was nice for a parent to wait in the library with tea provided.

First Decade:

It has helped me type faster and the tests are really fun.  Boy 6
I liked everything about the course and nothing could be improved. Boy 7.
It made me feel a bit proud.  Girl 7
The teachers are perfect and I felt comfy. Girl 7
It made me feel happy.  Girl 7
It helped me to type and was interesting.  Boy 8
It helped me spell better and I liked having the Velcro on the F and J.  The software was amazing, I loved it.  Girl 9
Because I am a slow writer, typing is really fun. I liked everything about the course.  Girl 9
It was just fun and made touch typing easier.  Boy 9
At first I was O.K. at touch typing but now I am good.  The activities were fun and teachers nice.  It was very organised and spacious.  Boy 9
This course has helped lots.  I’ve done two courses and gone from typing with two fingers to knowing all the letters and a bit of punctuation.  I really enjoy the activities.  Girl 9
I liked being able to find the keys without looking and making friends.  Boy 9
They had very good ways to teach.  Boy 9
This course has helped me to touch type.  I liked the team games and the competitions and I thought the activities were good.  Girl 10.
I liked making new friends and it was really fun.  Girl 6
It has helped me because now I can copy homework quicker.  I liked everything about the course and the teachers were amazing.  They helped whenever you needed them to.  Girl 9  
Friendly instructors.  Girl 9  
It has helped me to type quicker and with more than two fingers.  Boy 9
I felt good and it was fun.  Boy 9
The course has helped my muscle memory.  Boy 10
It has helped me to be more confident in touch typing and I liked everything about the course.  The activities helped build team spirit and the teachers were kind, helpful and full of good advice.  It was excellent and lovely.  Girl 10

It taught me more letters to type and I liked the challenging exercises.  Boy 10

Soon to be Teenagers:

It taught us in a slow easy-to-understand way.  The teachers were nice and helpful.  Girl 11
I liked the range of software.  Boy 11.
It has made me improve on my touch typing by over five words per minute.  I liked the games and the teachers.  Boy 11
It helped me, not being able to look at the keys.  Boy 11
I liked the helpful staff and the fun games.  I like that I will be able to correct my grammar and spelling and get things done quicker.  Girl 11
I have learned to touch type and the teachers were really helpful and lovely.  The activities were educational.  Girl 12
It was extremely useful.  Boy 12
It was fun. Boy 11
It was well balanced and helpful in a very good working environment.  Boy 11
It was set out in an easy way and I liked all the activities and teachers.  Boy 12


This course has helped me stop looking at my fingers and getting me more confident.  The activities were fun and the teachers very nice.  Girl 13.
I can now touch type for my exams.  Boy 13.
I like learning to touch type and making friends.  There were a good amount of breaks. The teachers were lovely.  Boy 15
I like that I will be able to type GCSE coursework quicker.  Boy 14
It has helped a lot to touch type.  The teachers were always there to help.
The teachers all seemed really nice and I can touch type faster now.  Boy 13
The teachers were helpful and encouraging and I can now type faster and more accurately.  Boy 15
A really fun course. Girl 15

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