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Summer 2018

Student feedback from the Summer 2018 touch typing course

Adult students

I know all the keys on the keyboard and the correct fingers to use.  The course has helped me to learn the correct and quickest method to use to touch type.  The activities were very useful.  I felt that the breaks were not only necessary but re-enforced learning, informative and helpful.  The teachers were patient, enthusiastic, inclusive and very knowledgeable.  A big thank you to you all, you’ve been very helpful, encouraging and accommodating.  I feel very confident to now go away and to carry on practising until I get to where I want to be.

It gave me confidence to touch type and I love that you accept adults too.  The teachers were very helpful and professional.

It has forced me to sit in front of the computer and practise!  This is difficult to do at home without interruptions.  I liked the encouragement I received from the tutors – it feels strange to learn as an adult and the teachers have been wonderful.  The activities were great!  Really useful to ‘relax’.  It has been a really pleasant and educational experience.

Relaxed, calm pace. Variety of tasks, computer and group work.  The activities were a great way of presenting content to suit different learning styles.  The teachers were very good, clear communication, professional, patient, excellent.  Keep up the good work!

The course was very comprehensive and thorough and the teachers great, very helpful and friendly.

I previously typed with just two fingers!  I liked the dynamic of mixed ages and experiences.


The children were kept interested, the teachers were fun, friendly and motivating.  It was very organised and prompt with the cost being reasonable.  Mother

Everything about the course was good, the venue super and cost great.  It made my daughter more confident using her keyboard and it was well organised with helpful teachers. Mother

My son enjoyed it.  The teachers are excellent and the cost very good.  Father

I liked that time was taken to learn the basics.  The software was excellent, activities, cost and teachers good and organisation and venue very good.  Mother

Thank you so much.  The course is great and worth the money.  Father.

This course has been perfect for my son.  He has enjoyed coming and has been motivated to progress.  He has made friends with fellow pupils in similar situation to himself.  I would definitely recommend this course to children and adults with or without SEN’s.  Thank you for all your hard work.  Mother

It has helped my twins greatly.  The teachers are excellent, administration fantastic, venue and cost good.  Mother

He felt comfortable and encouraged and is more confident.  The teachers are excellent, venue, organisation and cost is very good.  Mother

First Decade

I improved my speed and accuracy and liked the games and nice, friendly and helpful teachers.  Boy 10

It has helped me type all the letters and punctuation and I liked all of the lovely teachers, new friends and great opportunities.  Girl 10

It helped me to learn touch typing and how to sit.  Boy 10

This course has helped me work faster at school. Boy 10

The course taught me how to type well.  Girl 10

I have learned to type without looking.  Girl 9

I feel really happy with myself.  Girl 9

If I was to suggest a course for touch typing, this would be my first choice.  At first I couldn’t touch type but now I feel quite confident.  I liked the people and the teachers and it was very fun.  Girl 9

I can type faster without looking.  I loved the activities.  Boy 7 3/4


It helped me to know the keys and to increase my speed and the teachers were amazing.  Girl 12

It has helped me to learn how to type efficiently and accurately and I liked how there was always lots to do.  So useful and taught me loads.  Sometimes challenging.  The breaks were interesting, useful and fun.  .  Girl 12

The teachers were very kind.  Boy 12

I have learnt how to sit properly at the computer and how to touch type.  I liked being in teams and the teachers are great.  Boy 12

I LOVED THE COURSE it has been everything from useful and helpful to fun and exciting!  It helped me to improve my accuracy while touch typing and gave me tricks to remember where certain keys are.  I like making new friends and learning to touch type in a fun and enjoyable way.  It is 100% fun and useful.  The breaks were extremely useful.  I learned a range of things to keep my body safe when typing and tricks as well as giving the eyes a good rest.  The teachers were amazing, helpful, kind and they really wanted the best for us and so a big thank you to them!  Girl 11

What I enjoyed most about the course was that there was a mix between going on the computer and interactive activities.  The teachers were supportive and helpful.  Girl 11

I liked doing different programmes and improving my touch typing skills.  The teachers were really kind and always there for you.  Girl 11 (who initially didn’t want to come to the course).

I have learned to touch type and it was fun.  Girl 11


I couldn’t touch type at all when I started and now I can do all the letters and the shift keys.  It is a pretty relaxed atmosphere.  It is near a train station which I like.  Boy 18.

It has helped me to type faster and more accurately so that I will be able to type essays and use in exams.  The activities were interesting and the teachers really knowledgeable and helpful.  Girl 16

It has taught me that it is unnecessary to look at your hands while you type.  I liked that there were many different ways to learn how to touch type using applications as well as very attentive teachers.  Boy 15

I have learned to touch type and I liked the course leaders and programme.  It was well organised, clean and nice and the teachers great.  Girl 15

I can now type all the letters.  I liked collecting stamps.  The activities were fun especially the team games. Girl 14

Thanks for a great week. Girl 14

It was fun and a good experience and I have now learnt to touch type.  Girl 14

The activities in the break were really fun.  Boy 13

I can now touch type J
.  I liked the supportive atmosphere, the programmes and the people.  Boy 14.

I have learned where all the keys are without looking.  The course had a good structure. Boy 14.

It has helped me to learn how to type quickly and accurately.  The teachers were helpful and good at explaining. Boy 14.

This course gave me the skills needed to touch type. Boy 14

It has helped me remember where the keys are and I liked the method of teaching.  I enjoyed the activities in our colour groups.  Girl 13

It taught me how to be accurate and I liked that we couldn’t look.  Boy 13
I can now type properly and more efficiently.  I liked the programme and the teachers were all really nice and helpful.  Girl 13

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